Sena tent and Textile Mills


Sena Tent and Textile

  1. Project Name : Sena Tent and Textile Mills (STTM)
  2. Factory Location : 313 Abu Khan Road, Munnugagar, Tongi, Gazipur.
  3. Background : Enesel Textile Mills was established in 1960. It was a specialized textile mill for web equipments & water proofing textile materials. After the war of independence in 1971, it was declared as an abandoned property. On 01 January 1973, it was vested to Sena Kalyan Sangstha (SKS) through an Ordinance of 14 December 1972 by the Govt in order to ensure the proper use and management of this project. As per the decision of Board of Director (BOD) 2/16 the factory is relocated from chattagram to Tongi, Gazipur and as per the decision of BOD 2/17 is renamed as Sena Tent and Textile Mills (STTM).
  4. Manpower State: Present manpower state are as under:
    1. Deputy General Manager (DGM) - 01
    2. Accounts Officer - 01
    3. Store Keeper - 01
    4. Driver - 01
    5. Temporary Worker - 150
  5. Factory : 4 (four) Still structures building size 75' x 65' , 50' x 40', 52'x42' and 40' x 20' respectively for housing the sewing, cutting, rebating & welding sections and also for inspection and quality control (QC).
  6. Product of Sena Tent and Textile
    1.Sena Tent