Major General Iftekhar Anis, BSP, awc, afwc, psc, PEng

Contact Person

PS to Chairman - 01769056302

Secretary and Corporate Affairs

Colonel Mohammad Asaduzzaman, afwc, psc
Secretary, Sena Kalyan Sangatha

  1. Secretariat & Corporate Affairs Division: Secretariat & Corporate Affairs Division is an independent Division. It has been placed under direct control of Chairman.
  2. a).The secretary conducts the following meetings of SKS:

    1.Board of Trustees (BOT)

    2.Management Committee (MC)

    3.Board of Directors (BOD)

    4.Weekly Update Meeting.

    b). Advice Management on the public relations implications of company policies, practices and actions.

    c). Secretary will ensure the internal Audit of SKS Head Office and Projects through the Audit Division.

  3. Contact Person:
  4. Colonel Mohammad Asaduzzaman, afwc, psc
    Secretary, SKS
    Mobile: 8801769056301
    Land Phone: 88-02-55058402 (Office)